October 30, 2007

Now that it’s too late, I realize I should have paid a lot more attention to my photo files. I went back in (with help) the other night and sharpened the tomato shot, which only made the template look fuzzier. And of course I have no idea where that image might be. Having wasted a couple of hours going through all my CDs and rummaging around in my Pictures folder, I’m here to say you can save yourself a lot of misery by giving every picture a name and keeping them all in one place. Another late-breaking realization is that adding categories to each post is a lot easier when you do it as you write each post. Now I have to go back and think of words to describe the ones below. Somewhere in here is a dual lesson you would think I would have learned from cooking: organize your cabinets and clean as you go.


3 Responses to “Crumbs”

  1. Great article today in the Times!

    As you said, creating a blog is easy; the continuous creation of content is the hard part;)

    You should keep this “test” blog of yours going if you can.

  2. nika said

    even tho your fake, welcome to our world 🙂 who knows, one day you may hatch from your chrysalis and become a fantastic food-blog-butterfly. We here in the foodie universe are rooting for you.

  3. A little trick would be to upload the pictures on a site like where you can tag them, file them into albums and therefore easily find them back. It is one of the most popular tool of photobloggers. Isn’t it what most foodblogs are all about? A gorgeous collection of pictures that make you salivating without the kilos?

    NB: I stumble on your L.A.Times article hyperlinked in a foodblog I was browsing. The author seemed to be offended by your “anybody who’s anybody can blog” position. Which was amusing enough to have me explore more. The offended author will remain unnamed. 😉

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