November 2, 2007

So the kool kids are not impressed because, you know, they were all born blogging. At least one got the point: It’s ridiculous to pay someone to teach you to start a blog. Or, worse, as I heard from a computer whiz out in Arizona last night, pay someone to start one for you — he said he has friends who have been shaken down for thousands. Then there are the people I meet who still yearn to start a web site but can’t come up with the cash for a designer and code writer; a very liberating four-letter word has not penetrated their consciousness. Meanwhile, companies selling domain names are cleaning up on ignorance and dreams. . . .

As for the snark that someone who still shoots film is not fit to print, I suppose all the bloggers who discover you can roast a chicken! should keep their eurekas to themselves? That would clean up a lot of debris in cyberspace for new voices, no photos needed.