October 30, 2007

Now that it’s too late, I realize I should have paid a lot more attention to my photo files. I went back in (with help) the other night and sharpened the tomato shot, which only made the template look fuzzier. And of course I have no idea where that image might be. Having wasted a couple of hours going through all my CDs and rummaging around in my Pictures folder, I’m here to say you can save yourself a lot of misery by giving every picture a name and keeping them all in one place. Another late-breaking realization is that adding categories to each post is a lot easier when you do it as you write each post. Now I have to go back and think of words to describe the ones below. Somewhere in here is a dual lesson you would think I would have learned from cooking: organize your cabinets and clean as you go.



October 17, 2007

While I wait to hear, I will be lamenting having chosen the wrong name for this particular recipe. . . .