October 18, 2007

I remain a techno-dunce but want to try inserting a photo the way the kool-kid bloggers do. Here is a better-in-my-memory shot from Piedmont, where my consort and I were wandering with an Italian friend, Andrea, through the back streets of a hill town whose name escapes me and came across this scene. The women were straight out of “The Gleaners and I” — they had collected the tomatoes from a field after the harvesters had come through and were tidying them up to can for the winter. As we left, they insisted we take a big jarful, still hot from its water bath.



The pan

October 17, 2007

Now comes the fun part: Choosing what this sucker will look like. I want something clean, spare, stripped down, with one photo stretched across the top, without colors and effects that will make downloading proceed at escargot pace. And I want to be able to customize the photo, which rules out most of the templates. Finally I am motivated to check out all the CDs I have collected with my photos at the drugstore while the rest of the world has run digitally wild. . . .